Sustainable Products – Made in Germany

Sustainability at VACUFLEX

Made in Germany

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has always played a role in our family-run company, now more than ever. For us, corporate sustainability means to act in ecological, economic and social sustainability to manifest sustainable growth. The responsible use and efficient processing of resources in our production processes, the reduction of waste and the use of renewable energy are just a few examples of our commitment to sustainability.

Our overall sustainable concept - "ECO-friendly"

As the first European hose manufacturer, we have created a new product line that combines ecological and economic benefits – along the entire supply chain.

The raw materials being used are already produced environmentally friendly and locally in order to avoid unnecessary long supply chains and the associated carbon dioxide emissions. To ensure equivalence in the purpose and efficiency of our ECO-compounds in regard or standard raw materials, we only use carefully selected precursors. 

Only by doing this we also became a specialist in recycling of our own production scrap (where possible), in order to return it to the material cycle in a very dosed and controlled manner. 

ECO-compounds and the ECO-hoses are manufactured on innovative machines of the latest technology, which have a significantly lower energy consumption due to their efficiency. Our ECO-products are made exclusively with green energy.

Fully committed to the idea of conscious handling of resources and minimizing packaging waste, we do not use single foil packaging for our ECO-hoses. Thus, no foil gets to where it doesn’t belong.

In addition to the ecological advantages, eco-based hoses also offer an economic advantage. We consciously want to create an incentive to use more and more environmentally friendly products and thus make a significant contribution to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

With our ECO-hoses, you too can make an active contribution to protect the environment and additionally, relieve your purchasing budget. You can recognize ECO-based hoses by our new “Eco-friendly” logo.

Sustainable generation of energy for our products – green energy!

For years we have been generating a large part of our needed energy in an environmentally friendly way ourselves. The photovoltaic system at our production site in Mörfelden-Walldorf supplies more than 450,000 kWh of green electricity per year.

Sustainable Water Treatment

Reducing our water consumption is also of particular concern to us. For our water-cooling circuit, we use the latest technology, which is designed for maximum savings. The installation of water tanks supplies our production with exactly the amount of water that is needed. This water is reprocessed and reused in the water-cooling circuit. Our inserted filter technology ensures a long-lasting purity of the water, which only very rarely needs to be exchanged.

Our responsibility for a better future

As one of the leading hose manufacturers, we are constantly looking for sustainable solutions and their implementation. With our sustainable technologies, our innovative production processes and our ECO-products, we supply a positive contribution to our climate and our environment and thus also to our customers and employees.

We are proud to live up to this responsibility through our actions and to help build a better future. You are welcome to join us!