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K1Z-C-PU Series

TPU ducting with close pitch and different wall thicknesses

  • hydrolysis and microbe resistant
  • smooth inner wall
  • flexible



Made in Germany

Flexible hose series, made of Premium TPU Ether with spring steel wire reinforcement, transparent. Left Hand Pitch

Flexible hose series with good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Free of softeners, halogen free, cadmium free. Available in Light, Medium and Heavy duty according to the wall thickness and the application requirements

Universal hose for the woodworking, textile, plastic and chemical industry for transportation of light abrasive particles to light solids - according to the wall thickness - and for air and gas transportation

Temperature range:
-40°C up to +90°C (short term up to +125°C)

Transparent, copper coated steel wire helix

K1Z-LC-PU: Light duty 0.4mm wall thickness
K1Z-MC-PU: Medium duty 0.6mm wall thickness
K1Z-MSC-PU: Medium Heavy duty 0.8mm wall thickness
K1Z-SC-PU: Heavy duty 1.0mm wall thickness
K1Z-SSC-PU: Very Heavy duty 1.2mm wall thickness
K1Z-XSC-PU: Extra Heavy duty 1.5mm wall thickness
K1Z-XSSC-PU: Ultra Heavy duty 1.7mm wall thickness

Also available in Ester based PU and/or with Flame Retardant PU and or Antistatic PU

Please inquire with our sales team for the data sheet of the version you are interested in.

State: 16.04.2024